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Grace Story: Briannna T. T.

When I was 15 years old my mother committed suicide. She suffered from Manic Depression for years, and wrote me a letter before she took her life that said "I'm sorry, life is difficult". At that time, I started attending a local church and trying to seek God's face, but it was in a religious way. I was getting some head knowledge of God but I didnt have any heart knowledge. I went through the motions of attending church not looking to really serve God, but looking for a quick fix to take the pain away, I had not received salvation. I got a full academic scholarship to attend a local college at 17 years old, and got involved in drinking, and excessive dating, going to parties, and was not attending classes. I ended up losing my scholarship and stopped attending college. At age 19, I entered into a committed relationship with a man, and this man, and this relationship became my idol. I put him before everything in life and continued on a downward spiral not reaching my goals, and going from one dead end job to the next. 3 years into our relationship he was diagnosed with a genetic disorder that caused him to have tumors in his brain and spine, and the doctors told me there was one particular tumor that if they didnt operate on it shortly, he could black out and never wake up again. They told me that the surgery itself was very risky, and he could possibly end up in a coma, or eating out of a peg tube, or lose his hearing completely because of where the tumor was located, they told me in a way that they were positive, that he would definitely be disabled the rest of his life. Months before we received this diagnosis I had started seeking the Lord again, and was reading the bible, and felt very thirsty and hungry for the true word of God. I prayed to God based off of what I read in the Gospels about the miracles Jesus performed, and let God know that by faith I believed that everything was going to work out, and that God was powerful and merciful enough to heal him. On the day of his surgery, after being in surgery for about 12 hours, the doctors wheeled him out of recovery, into ICU, and he held up his arm and gave a thumbs up and proclaimed loudly "God is good, God is good" over and over again, he was released from the hospital 2 weeks later, completely healthy, after seeing God perform this miracle, I looked back over my life and realized that I could have been dead...but God. God spared my life, and it had to be for a reason, I received Gods unconditional love for me, asked him to enter into my heart, to guide my life, to forgive me for my sins, and I repented, thanking him for his holy spirit, that would lead me away from temptation. I asked Christ to be my personal Lord and Savior on Jan. 5th 2011, and was baptized that same year in June. Since then I have made a real attempt to never put anything or anyone above God. I stopped partying, and drinking, and God has really been working on my overall character, I am like clay in his hands, and he is the master potter. I received a college degree, and I now work for a christian non profit organization meeting the spiritual and practical needs of individuals on a daily basis. Almost a year after I asked Christ to be my personal Lord and Savior at a New Years Day Service at the Chapel at Crosspoint on Jan 1st, 2012, I met my biological father for the first time, right outside of the bookstore, who has introduced me to so many family members I never knew existed, most of which are Christians. I praise God for setting up those relationships with my family members, who were really able to mentor me and encourage me in the Lord. I may not be exactly where I need to be but thank God I am not where I used to be, life is so much better with God than without him.

All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The wages of sin are death, but the Gift of God is eternal life, God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have everlasting life. I encourage you to invite Christ to be the center of your life today! Many Blessings to you!