A Journey of Service

There’s lots of things that need prayer in our lives. Nearly everything really. God wants to be involved in both the big decisions and he’s with us through the little ones too. There is something that you don’t need to pray about though; serving. God wants you to serve. Our church has four outcomes that we believe are the measurable...

Faith and a Chinese Lantern

No one knows where or how the Holy Spirit (God's wind) blows but are we willing to be carried along softly by it such that we are in the right place at the right time? Where is God's gentle breeze carrying you today? Carrying us? Are we willing to fill the sky with a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God and be the light for the world to see?...

Am I In Danger Of Complacency?

Niagara Falls is one of the most spectacular sights in the world. These waterfalls have more water flowing over them than any other around the globe. As water falls over 165 feet to the river below, it is a showing of power, beauty, and unique creation. The natural wonder draws visitors from all corners of the earth each and every year. Many of...

Reading Through The Bible

Maybe you've been there: you start on January 1st with a Bible reading plan, and you're committed to making it through the year spending daily time with God in His Word. But, along, with the rest of your resolutions, you fizzle out around February 9th and think, "I'll try again next year!" That means 10.5 months of sporadic, purposeless,...

Reflections On The Same-Sex Marriage Ruling For The People Of God

Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in a 5-4 decision that homosexuals should be afforded the right to marry one another and entitled to all of the legal protections and advantages of marriage. This is now the law of the land. For many states in our country, today looks very different for them. For others of us, like those...

Conflict Resolution

Conflict seems to be naturally occurring in our world, right? We are all drawn to it – hence the reason most stories have some form of conflict that requires resolution.

Why Serving Is Important

Serving is more than just what we do; but it's a part of who we are as Christ-followers. Here at The Chapel we know that in order to continue growing in our relationship with Christ, serving is necessary. Maybe you're great with children, maybe you're tech-savvy, or maybe you're good at connecting with people. Whatever your gift may...

FOR Leadership vs. FROM Leadership

Many of us, especially those who are new to leadership, as in leading others for the first time, might think they have arrived in terms of leadership. It is easy for us once in a place of leadership to think we are done working for the place of leadership and now it is time to work from a place of leadership.

Teach Someone to Worship

My Dad grew up catholic. His earliest memories of church growing up were getting dressed up in his Sunday best, sitting, kneeling, sitting some more and then kneeling again. My grandparents took their kids often enough for my Dad to grow up into a disciplined, admirable and honest young man. Years later, he found himself experiencing a whole new kind of church. Faced with the task of winning the affections of a young lady he admired, he once again found himself standing in a church sanctuary. As this outing was considered a ‘first date’

Perspectives . . .

Often we find ourselves involved so much in our own happenings that we forget to consider what is happening in the world in which we live. Sure, we watch the news and follow a Twitter feed but at the end of the day our gaze can become more and more short-sighted. As such, it is good from time to time to get a different perspective or at least recalibrate the one we hold.

Wisdom in Decision Making

As a follow up to my last post on Wisdom Understanding, I want to show an example of how to apply scripture to our decision-making process. If I believe God is the source of all wisdom (as James 1:5 articulates), how do I practically tap into that wisdom? In seeking God regularly for His wisdom, I typically land in the books of Proverbs or Ecclesiastes as they were specifically written to document inspired wisdom as it was revealed by God to the authors. A good example would be Proverbs 15. In this text in particular, there are some

Thanksgiving Night In Cheektowaga

At 9pm on Thanksgiving night, a group of people from The Chapel at Cheektowaga were standing in a circle, praying for those who would work the overnight shift at the Walden Galleria mall that night. Weeks before, news broke that the mall would open to shoppers on Thanksgiving at 6pm.